NPR logo No Expense Spared at Google

No Expense Spared at Google

NPR's Laura Sydell just sent in this news from her visit to the secret Mountainview, Calif., fortress of Google.

I just was visiting Google, where they were in the midst of the company's three-day annual "Zeitgeist" forum: a gathering of high-level business and political leaders. Colin Powell and Al Gore were among the guests. But, I was surprised that everyone wasn't spending their time in the bathrooms. Google's free organic gourmet lunches are famous, but no one's mentioned the bathrooms. Each stall in the woman's room had heated seats (!) and an individual bidet, with its electronic controls on the wall. It was a chilly fall day and I didn't want to leave. Nonetheless, I went out into the cold to listen to Colin Powell speak. And I didn't want to miss my lunch with Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Unfortunately, I must report that lunch — a cheesy lukewarm lasagna — was much less spectacular than the bathroom.