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The Real Reason Google Bought YouTube

My reaction — and I'm far from alone in this — to the $1.6 billion that Google is willing to pay for YouTube is, "They did what??!!!??" Sure, their valuation is a gazillion dollars. What's a billion or two here and there, right? But paying that kind of money reeks so strongly of the kind of insanity that prevailed in the 90's I have to come to the conclusion that Google is either A) much smarter than I am or B) the special "do-no-evil" Kool-Aid has finally taken full effect.

But using the clever Google Trends tool provided by our friends in Mountain View, this graph seems to explain it:

Google graph

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For some more intelligent thoughts on the deal, head over to John Batelle's Searchblog. He has some interesting thoughts, and knows far more about it than I do.

— JJ Sutherland