NPR logo Yet Another Way to Pamper Your Pooch

Yet Another Way to Pamper Your Pooch

My favorite summer job when I was in college was working as a Good Humor ice cream man. I lived in New York City, where ice cream was sold from a pushcart rather than a truck. Every day I'd go to the Good Humor headquarters on the Lower East Side and fill up my cart with an assortment of Toasted Almonds, Chocolate Eclairs and Strawberry Shortcake. To say it was a picaresque neighborhood would be putting it mildly. The Hell's Angels motorcycle gang had their Manhattan home on the very same street. So from time to time, a few really enormous guys in cut off leather jackets would wander in for a frosty summer treat. Or two. Or more. Naturally, I was always very happy to oblige. Then I'd wheel out my cart through the streets of Manhattan to an assigned corner where I'd hawk ice cream for the day.

I was reminded of all this today when I read a story about Good Humor's deal with pet food producer Pedigree. Together, they're going to make — no joke — ice cream sandwiches for dogs. I wonder what the Hell's Angels would say.

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