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Recounts: Here We Go Again

With the Virginia Senate race so close, expect a traffic jam of lawyers on I-95, headed into Richmond this morning. Time to bone up on the recount rules from Virginia's State Board of Elections (Microsoft Word document).

Virginia Recounts — The Basics (November 2006)
"A recount is a simple redetermination of all of the votes cast on Election Day. Recount officials are only counting the ballots that were previously cast. A voter's eligibility to vote or any alleged irregularities cannot be called into question during a recount.
"In Virginia, there are no automatic recounts. Only the apparent losing candidate can ask for a recount, and only if the difference between the apparent winning and losing candidate is 1% or less of the total votes cast for the two candidates. The apparent loser cannot request a recount until after the election is certified."

You can see the Virginia State Board of Elections own count here.