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A Cracked Power Ballad, Realistic and True

Don't Ever Change

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Wednesday's Pick

  • Song: "Don't Ever Change"
  • Artist: Pink Nasty featuring Will Oldham
  • CD: Mold the Gold
  • Genre: Alt-Country

Don't be fooled by Pink Nasty's rude-sounding moniker: That's just the pseudonym of one Sara Beck from Wichita, Kan. Beck, sister to foul-mouthed rapper Black Nasty, is a young and talented singer-songwriter whose quirky alt-country songs nicely complement her pretty but powerful voice.

"Don't Ever Change" represents her moment in the sun, a power ballad recorded with Will Oldham (a.k.a. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy), which smartly sums up all of the contradictions, tensions and aggravations inherent in relationships. Oldham sets up the radio-ready duet with the unexpected line, "I took out some money / You, you took out the trash." Beck gives as good as she gets, complaining about deodorant stains before intoning, "This feels like love, but on crack."

The song brims over with Beck and Oldham's chemistry, even as they sweetly sing, "Don't ever change / 'cause I don't like you that way." Eventually, they give into to well-worn proclamations of love in a swelling climax, but the conclusion is charming rather than unctuous — as true and realistic as love songs get.

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