NPR logo A Musical Christmas (and Birthday) Present

A Musical Christmas (and Birthday) Present

Children of December

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The inventive Boston pop-rock band The Slip writes an anthem for those born around the holidays. hide caption

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Friday's Pick

  • Song: "Children of December"
  • Artist: The Slip
  • CD: Eisenhower
  • Genre: Pop-Rock

Being born on or around Christmas has its drawbacks, but at least now holiday babies can revel in their own anthem, courtesy of the fine Boston band The Slip. "Oh, when you're born in December, it's hard to remember," singer Brad Barr notes on "Children of December," even as he admits to being born in the summer of 1975. Sympathizing with parents and children alike, Barr sings, "When you're born on Christmas or the day before New Year's / they can sing 'Happy Birthday,' but nobody hears."

A whirling, jangly rock song distinguished by its Steely Dan-esque lyrical and musical manner, "Children of December" finds Barr and company employing quirky pop-cultural wordplay, complete with references to "the Hot Wheels, the Autobots, the Decepticons." But this is no novelty act: In its 10-year history, The Slip has proven equally adept at free jazz and the eccentric arena-rock of its new Eisenhower. The result is a pop sound, and a holiday song, that's as musically surprising as it is endearing.

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