Voices in the News

A montage of the voices in the past week's news, including James Brown; an unidentified woman at Brown's Apollo Theater funeral; Francois Lonseny Fall, the U.N.'s representative to Somlia; U.S. State Department spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos; BBC's Peter Greste in Baghdad; Iraqi crowd reaction to Saddam's death; Kenneth Katzman, specialist in Middle East affairs for the Congressional Research Service; Gregory D. Willard, Ford family representative; Former President Gerald R. Ford; the Rev. Robert Certain, Ford family pastor.

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This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Andrea Seabrook, and these were some of the voices in the news this past week.

(Soundbite of song, "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag")

Mr. JAMES BROWN (Singer/Songwriter): (Singing) Come here sister, Papa's in the swing. He ain't too hip about that new breed babe. He ain't no drag, Papa's got a brand new bag.

Unidentified Woman: He meant a whole lot to me. I've been watching him since I was, ooh, way back in the '50s, when I was real young, a little girl. I used to skip school and hide my books in the park somewhere and come to the Apollo to see James Brown.

Mr. GONZALO GALLEGOS (Spokesman, U.S. State Department): We, the U.S., have urged and continue to urge the Ethiopian government to exercise maximum restraint in intervening or responding to developments in Somalia, and to assure the protection of civilians. However, no Somali party should use external actors as an excuse to avoid further dialogue.

Ambassador FRANCOIS LONSENY FALL (U.N. Representative to Somalia): Unless a political settlement is reached through negotiations, Somalia will face a period of deepening conflict and heightening instability, which will be disastrous for the long-suffering people of Somalia, and could also have serious consequences for the entire region.

Mr. PETER GRESTE (BBC Correspondent): After more than 25 years as Iraq's dictatorial president, after being deposed by the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, and after spending three years in captivity, Saddam Hussein is dead.

(Soundbite of crowd chanting)

Dr. KENNETH KATZMAN (Congressional Research Service): I do think it will put some renewed energy in the Sunni insurgency. Not that it needs more energy; it's already got quite a bit of energy. It's causing quite a lot of damage to U.S. troops and the Iraqi government.

Mr. GREGORY D. WILLARD (Ford Family Representative): The president's passing was peaceful. He was with Mrs. Ford and his children, and at the residence there in Rancho Mirage.

President GERALD R. FORD: I had to go through Senate committee hearings, which were also very vigorous. So everything that happened to me was appropriate under the Constitution, so I had no reluctance to assume the office and to do my duty.

Reverend ROBERT CERTAIN (Ford Family Pastor): With faith in Jesus Christ, we receive the body of our brother, Gerald, for burial. Let us pray with confidence to God, the giver of life, that he will raise him to perfection in the company of the saints.

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