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'Death at the Chapel': A Horror Film in Miniature

Death at the Chapel

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The Horrors

The Horrors' members unleash a blast of chaotic garage-punk suitable for seedy clubs and Halloween parties. hide caption

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Thursday's Pick

  • Song: "Death at the Chapel"
  • Artist: The Horrors
  • CD: The Horrors
  • Genre: Punk

The Horrors' members look like the Cure and sound a bit like The Cramps, so it's no surprise that their music, their message and their clothing are plenty dark. Their self-titled debut EP delivers a 15-minute blast of chaotic garage-punk suitable for seedy clubs and very short Halloween parties.

"Death at the Chapel" lays out the appropriately unsettling tale of a murderous, motorcycle-bound wedding crasher named Eddie: As an organ blares amid hand-claps and heavy bass, the protagonist/antagonist "adjusts his goggles as the fog begins to thicken / and pushing down on the accelerator / Oh, too late for Jimmy."

As the song picks up speed, so does Eddie: "With a heart as black as coffee / he smashed into John and Betty / screaming, 'No one will ever love you!'" Horrifying and entertaining in equal measure, "Death at the Chapel" unfolds like a campy two-minute horror film. It's funny and gory and engrossing, all at once.

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