Two Words from One

Puzzle master Will Shortz quizzes one of our listeners, and has a challenge for everyone at home.

Challenge from January 21: Name a famous film director whose last name has two syllables. Phonetically these two syllables sound like words that are opposites of each other. What are the words, and who is the director?

Answer: True + Faux - Francois Truffaut

Winner: Jocelyn Devito, from East Point, Mich.

Challenge from January 28: Name a famous person, a living American, with a one-syllable first name and a one-syllable last name. Add a short "E" sound to the end of this person's first name, add a long "E" sound to the end of this person's last name, say the result out loud and it will sound like a common uncapitalized English word. Who is the person, and what is the word?

This weeks challenge is from Daniel Scher of New York City.



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