'Chronicle' Turns Critics into Podcast Poets

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The San Francisco Chronicle has found an outlet for some of its more outspoken critics. The newspaper is repurposing caller messages into podcasts.

And it all started with one irate reader.

The caller didn't identify himself, but he had a lot to say to the San Francisco Chronicle about a piece on remote-control spy planes:

Mr. Howe, I'm looking at the Monday issue, August 29, Page E6... It says "begins testing — Forest Service begins testing pilotless drone." Mr Howe, is there any other kind of drone?

Which leads the caller to a whole series of questions:

Is there any other kind of drone, drone, other than a pilotless drone? Isn't that what a drone is: an unmanned aircraft? Don't you check these things? Don't you supervise the subeditors who write these headlines? Don't you do your job?

After about a minute of this, the caller lapses into a kind of ecstatic chanting:

Drone, drone, drone. Get it? Drone. Pilotless airplane. Drone, drone, drone — not pilotless drone!

It didn't take long for someone to notice the poetry in this, and do a remix for Youtube.

It's had thousands of hits, and you can also now download it as a ringtone.

"The Pilotless Drone" episode kicked off a podcast channel that the Chronicle calls "Correct Me If I'm Wrong." It will feature the newspaper's more passionate callers, says editor Phil Bronstein.

And this one set the standard.



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