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Loney, Dear: From the Basement to the Heart

I Am John

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Loney, Dear's Emil Svanangen crafts light, lush pop songs with warm electronic cores. hide caption

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  • Song: "I Am John"
  • Artist: Loney, Dear
  • CD: Loney, Noir
  • Genre: Indie-Pop

The product of Swedish multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanangen, Loney, Dear recorded its debut CD (Loney, Noir) mostly in his parents' basement and a tiny Stockholm studio apartment. But in spite of its modest origins, the disc adds up to an immensely satisfying collection of light, lush pop songs with warm electronic cores.

The dreamy "I Am John" offer a heartwarming assortment of catchy melodies and delicate chimes amid a lovely sonic landscape, as Svanangen softly croons, "Johnny and I, we got lost tonight / We got carried away / It takes someone like me to lose track like that / To be troubled down." Svanangen, though at times backed by a full band, lays down delicate layers of harmonies one at a time before topping them with a glistening electro-pop sheen.

The song casts a hypnotic spell as it builds to a quietly heartbreaking but strangely euphoric conclusion. Svanangen's captivating ruminations sound as if he's trying to capture the purest essence of joy, albeit with a melancholy underbelly. It's that bittersweet warmth that makes Loney, Dear's hushed, pastoral folk songs seep into the heart.

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