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World Showcase from Disney Concert Hall

World Showcase in concert on Discoveries at Disney Concert Hall - 02/16/2007

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Three continents find voice in this showcase of sounds from Disney Concert Hall. From Europe comes Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares, a women's group of Bulgarian folk singers whose eerie harmonies, whoops, hollers and rhythmic complexity meld into an unforgettable performance. The Balinese master I Nyoman Wenten leads Gamelan Burat Wangi from Asia, a group of pitched and unpitched percussion instruments, flutes and vocalists. Les Ballets Africains, a troupe of drummers, singers and dancers from Guinea, performs with intensity and joy.

Discoveries at Disney Concert Hall is an eclectic mix of 10 concert specials recorded live at Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and hosted by Renee Montagne. From singer-songwriters to classical, world music and Broadway stars, it's a celebration of the diversity of our thriving musical culture.