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Sol Seppy: Rising Out of Literal Ashes

Come Running

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Pianist and cellist Sophie Michalitsianos performs a haunting love song as Sol Seppy. hide caption

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Wednesday's Pick

  • Song: "Come Running"
  • Artist: Sol Seppy
  • CD: The Bells of 1 2
  • Genre: Pop

Sol Seppy is the solo project of London-based singer/songwriter and classically trained multi-instrumentalist Sophie Michalitsianos, who often collaborates and tours with Sparklehorse. A former child prodigy, Michalitsianos was in a creative rut when the studio she'd built burned to the ground, destroying all of her gear. After regrouping and building a new studio, she began recording as Sol Seppy out of her previous work's literal ashes.

A hazy, gorgeous love song, "Come Running" serves as an ideal showcase for Michalitsianos' alluringly haunting voice. The song's lyric reads like a dreamy postcard: "If it's a sunny day tomorrow, we can relax on sand / and I will fall away from your shadow." Michalitsianos digs a little deeper into that thought — "There's a shift going on that I feel inside / and it's time to open you into the light" — in the process making the prospect of falling in love sound as thrilling as, well, falling in love.

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