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We like our staff. We really like them. Scott Simon delivers his weekly tribute to the folks who produce Weekend Edition Saturday, but this time he adds a bit of Hollywood flourish.



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SIMON: I just can't believe it! The statue is so heavy! I'll try and get through this in 45 seconds, but I have so many people to thank. Our director, Elaine Heinzman, who believed in me when no one else would. Our producer, Sarah Beyer Kelly, who told me to follow my dream. Our staff Bridgette McCarthy(ph), Darcie Bacon(ph) and Justine Kennan(ph), thanks - thanks for those great scripts. It all begins with the script. Remember that. Laurel Wamsley(ph), Monica Villavicencio, Thomas Pierce and Alison Bryce out there on the red carpet, thanks for making it fun to come to work every day. Our technical crew - Neil Teval(ph), Greg Gavin(ph), Alexander Gardner, Burk Hunt(ph), Juan Williams, Drew Reynolds - thanks, guys. Without you, I'd just flap my lips in an empty room.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, I'm not done yet. My agent, Wayne, my stylist Marco, our editors, our wonderful editors, Marcus Rosenbaum(ph) and Steve Drummond(ph), thanks for giving a chance to a small town kid from Chicago, the grandson of a cop, the son of a comic and a mother who let him watch "The Three Stooges." I love you, mother. And you know, my daughter is an immigrant. That's America for you. I love you, baby. And my beautiful wife, thanks, darling, for putting up with some guy who gets out of bed at four in the morning. Why do I always see Jude Law waiting in the lobby? And last but not least, the procedure of WEEKEND EDITION SATURDAY, it's Peter Breslow. Peter, we like you. We really like you.

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