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The Fratellis: From iTunes Ads to 'It' Band


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The Glaswegian pop-rock band The Fratellis may be the next big-time Britpop sensation. hide caption

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Thursday's Pick

  • Song: "Flathead"
  • Artist: The Fratellis
  • CD: Costello Music
  • Genre: Rock

The Glaswegian pop-rock band The Fratellis sounds an awful lot like the next big-time Britpop sensation, an "it" band to follow Blur, Oasis and others who've translated European media hype into major U.S. success. Of course, it doesn't hurt that anyone who's seen an iTunes commercial in recent months — that would be anyone who owns and watches a television — has heard at least some of "Flathead" about 10,000 times.

As heartfelt, emotionally complex music goes, "Flathead" makes a great iTunes commercial — a soundtrack to scenes of shiny equipment and dancing models. Built around a perfect hook and a nicely accented chorus ("Bara bap bara ra ra bara bap bara ra ra ra!"), it's hard to resist the song's pitch. Fortunately, the hooky sturdiness of "Flathead" makes it suitable for a life beyond its commercial run. It's in an ad only because it's catchy enough to sell anything.

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