NPR logo Prince Harry Withdrawn from Afghanistan


Prince Harry Withdrawn from Afghanistan

Prince Harry is being pulled out of Afghanistan because of security concerns after media outlets revealed that the British army lieutenant had been deployed there since December with his British army regiment.

Britain's Ministry of Defense said Friday that Harry, the third in line to the throne, presents a high-value target for the Taliban and other insurgents and that he and his fellow soldiers are now at risk.

Newspapers in Australia and Germany, as well as the U.S. Web site Drudge Report, broke an embargo on the story of Prince Harry's deployment after British officials and some selected international media had agreed not to publicize his presence in Afghanistan's southwest Helmand province.

The ministry asked the media not to speculate on Harry's location — or how and when he would return — until he is safely back in Britain.

According to the Ministry of Defense, Harry had been serving on the frontlines along with his Blues and Royals regiment since late December as part of a planned three-month deployment.