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An update on the Bryant Park Project Book Club, which this month is reading Hisham Matar's In the Country of Men.


We here at the BPP are betting you a book-loving bunch. That's why we decided to start a book club. Make sense? Here is how it's going to work. We've picked "In the Country of Men." It's a book by Hisham Matar, novelist, and TimeOut New York writer Sarah Goodyear will visit periodically here, on our blog, to remind us to keep reading, and she'll field some of your questions about the book.

Later on this month, we'll have our virtual book club meeting online, and our leader, Sarah, will moderate a discussion about the book, and we'll generate some questions for the author.

Here is an excerpt from that book. The main character, a young boy, encounters his father in a town square and realizes for the first time that his father is involved in something mysterious.

Unidentified Man: (Reading) My heart quickened. He was coming closer. Maybe he means me, I thought. It was impossible to see his eyes. I watched him walk in that familiar way, his head pointing up slightly, his polished leather shoes flicking ahead with every step, hoping he would call my name, wave his hand, snap his fingers. I swear if he had, I would have leaped into his arms. When he was right there, close enough that if I extended my arm, I could touch him. I held my breath, and my ears filled with silence.

STEWART: A little bit of the audio book there of Hasham Matar's "In the Country Men." Join our book club. First rule of book club: Talk about book club, or go to the blog at We also want to remind you that we're running a contest to make a music video out of theme song. You heard us, music videos. Remember them? MTV used to play those back in the day.

(Soundbite of laughter)

STEWART: It's a take off on a contest held by the blog SaidTheGramophone. We talked to editors of that blog yesterday. So, here's what you have work with, our themeā€¦

BILL WOLFF (Announcer): From NPR News in New York, this is the BRYANT PARK PROJECT.

(Soundbite of music)

STEWART: The thing is, we all have a little dance routine when we hear that song already.

(Soundbite of laughter)


Is Bill part of it? Do they have to keep our opening thing on it?

STEWART: You know, I don't know. I don't think he is.

MATT MARTINEZ: No, I don't think that's on the MP3. Hi, it's Matt. I'm in the studio.

STEWART: (unintelligible) Matt Martinez.

MARTINEZ: I'm Matt, here whenever I'm needed. I'm like a genie.

MARTIN: You are a genie.

STEWART: You are simply delicious, Matt.

MARTINEZ: Yeah. Right.

STEWART: You can find that MP3 of the sample on our blog,, and get to music video making.

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