Separated by A

In this week's puzzle, clues are given for two short words. Combine the words and add the letter A in between them and you'll get the answer to a third clue. For example, given "a sudden wind" plus "a British conservative," you'll get "gust" and "Tory." If you combine the words with an "A" between them you'll get the answer to the next clue, "pertaining to taste" — "gustatory."

Challenge from Last Week: From Jed Martinez of Margate City, Fla. Take the letters in the word "marionettes" and rearrange them to spell the names of two animals that are related. What are they?

The answer: Stoat and ermine

The winner: Nancy Herrington from Syracuse, N.Y.

This Week's Challenge: Name two vehicles, put the letter A between them and the result will be a word naming what the two vehicles might be in. Name the vehicles.



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