A Puzzle for Crows

In this week's puzzle, every answer is a familiar two-word phrase in which the first word starts with CA and the second word starts with W. For example, given "a glass opening in a wall that is attached by hinges," the answer is "casement window."

Challenge from Last Week: From Ed Peg Jr., who runs Mathpuzzle.com. Using the middle row of letters on a keyboard, name something that has eight stars. Hint: The answer is spelled in 10 letters.

The answer: Alaska flag

The winner: Valerie Shuman of Tacoma, Wash.

Next Week's Challenge: From listener Dan Asimov of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Name a well known historical figure with a one-word six-letter name. The first and fourth letters are the same, the second and fifth letters are the same, and the third letter is one letter before the sixth, alphabetically. Who is it?



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