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What Are You Listening To?

In a quest for music that is not typically heard on the airwaves, All Things Considered is talking to people around the country to find out what's in their CD players and tape decks. This week, Eric Levin (luh-VIN), co-owner of the independent record store Criminal Records in Atlanta, Georgia tells Host Steve Inskeep what he's been listening to. Eric's musical selections are: "Favorite Girl" by Joseph Arthur from the album "Redemption's Son" (Enjoy/Universal ASIN: B00007E6WW) and "Talk to me Dance with Me" by Hot Hot Heat from the album "Make Up the Breakdown" (Sub Pop ASIN: B00006L3PY). Eric also is listening to comedy from David Cross's album "Shut up you F**king Baby"(Sub Pop ASIN: B00006YXH0). (6:18)