Consumer Confidence Declines Sharply

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Consumer confidence numbers released Tuesday were down sharply. The Conference Board reports that Americans expectations for the future fell to a 35-year low. People in three cities across the country explain how personal the economic downturn is for them.


From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Robert Siegel.

Consumer confidence is down sharply. The Conference Board reported today that Americans' expectations for the future fell to a 35-year low. We'll get an economist's take coming up.

First, a sampling of consumers' views from Atlanta, Hartford, Connecticut, and Southern California.

Ms. CHRIS KENIMOUTH(ph): I'm Chris Kenimouth from Culver City, California. We are trying to cut back on any little things to save money.

Mr. ARTHUR SCHWARZ(ph): My name is Arthur Schwarz. I'm from Culver City. I'm worried about the younger people and the people who are suffering.

Ms. NAIDA MENISS(ph): My name is Naida Meniss and I live in Los Angeles. Groceries I pay 20 percent more.

Ms. LETICIA BROWN(ph): Leticia Brown. I'm currently from Michigan. I'm very, very concerned - in my neighborhood alone, say in a neighborhood of 200 homes and currently we have 32 that are currently either foreclosed on or that are currently being sold, so I am currently concerned.

Ms. LASHAWN PERRY(ph): I'm LaShawn Perry. I'm from Conyers, Georgia. I'm in a mode of saving and conserving and not being a loose spender, so it's a good situation for me right now.

Mr. KWAME GIBBS(ph): My name is Kwame Gibbs from Hartford, Connecticut. I'm worried about the student loans for my children, you know, the increase in gas prices.

Ms. BRENDA PIRELLA(ph): My name is Brenda Pirella. I live in West Hartford, Connecticut. I feel pretty good. I'm concerned about saving for retirement and my kids going to college.

SIEGEL: Shoppers in Hartford, Connecticut, Atlanta and Southern California.

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