A Challenge for Star Gazers

In this week's on-air puzzle, you are given anagrams of the names of constellations. You name the constellations. For example, given "ray" plus L, the answer would be "Lyra."

Challenge from Last Week: Take the title "Candid Camera." Write down the first appearance of each letter, ignoring any repeats, in the order these letters appear. You get C, A, N, D, I, M, E, R. By doing the same thing to the title of what other well-known TV program do you get the letters S, E, A, M, T, R?

The answer: Sesame Street

The winner: Barbara Harris, Carbondale, Ill.

Next Week's Challenge: From Andrew Chaikin of San Francisco. Insert a long E sound after the first letter of "bond" and phonetically you get "be-ond." Insert a long E sound after the first letter of "renter" and you get "re-enter." Name something found in outer space. Insert a long E sound after the first letter, and you'll name a resident of a major American city. What are the words?



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