On the BPP Jukebox: The Dodos Play 'Ashley'

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When the clattering, mesmerizing Dodos stopped by the Bryant Park Project for a studio session this spring, their drummer set up in our news booth and the keyboardist plinked away on a toy piano.


Well, Rachel, that was a fairly eclectic show we had today.


Yeah, not bad.

PESCA: I had sports, politics, frogs, hackers, Dalai Lama...

MARTIN: But you know what I'm looking forward to?

PESCA: What is that?

MARTIN: New music tomorrow!

PESCA: It's always good to look ahead, but we do have some time left in today's show. So how about some new music right now?


PESCA: I've got a quarter. What music would you like to hear?

MARTIN: How about the Dodos?

PESCA: All right, the Dodos, from San Francisco, I believe.


PESCA: And their great new album - yeah, like I know this stuff. Someone wrote it down for me...

(Soundbite of laughter)

PESCA: "Visiter."

MARTIN: Indeed, "Visiter." When they came into our studio earlier this month they were really good and we only got to play two of the three songs they recorded when we aired that segment. So let's fix that immediately. Here's the Dodos with "Ashley." I think that's F-3.

(Soundbite of jukebox)

(Soundbite of song "Ashley")

Mr. MERIC LONG: (Singing)

Take my hand and lead me up To Dolores, And leave me in the street, I guess. It was for us.

What are you thinking of, Ashley? Who are you dreaming of, Ashley? You come down from above, Ashley.

You let me sleep and let me breathe, Where I need to. And fool my heart to think that I Might have had you.

What are you thinking of, Ashley? Who are you dreaming of, Ashley? You come down from above, Ashley.

MARTIN: We're listening to the Dodos with "Ashley," off their new album, called "Visiter." And that's it for this hour of the BPP. I'm Rachel Martin.

PESCA: And I'm Mike Pesca. This is Bryant Park Project from NPR News.

(Soundbite of song "Ashley")

Mr. MERIC LONG: (Singing) Take this hammer-handed heart, And pull it off my back.

Heavy on my shoulders, Stranded in the open sea. I wait there hoping that You'll come back to see me.

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