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Recipes: '101 Sangrias & Pitcher Drinks'

Wildberry sangria

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These recipes appear in 101 Sangrias & Pitcher Drinks by Kim Haasarud, Wiley Publishers, 2008

Wildberry Sangria

Serves about 7

3/4 cup each of any three of the following berries: strawberries (hulled and sliced), blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries (total 2 1/4 cups berries)

3/4 cup simple syrup

1 bottle red wine

1/2 cup triple sec

1/2 cup berry-flavored vodka

1 cup orange juice

In a saucepan, combine all of the berries with the simple syrup over low heat. Stir constantly until the berries just begin to soften and discolor. Set aside. Combine the remaining ingredients in a large ceramic or glass container. Add the berry mixture (berries and liquid) and stir well. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Serve over ice.

Spanish Sangria

Spanish Sangria

Serves about 6

1 bottle Spanish red wine

1/4 cup cognac

1/4 cup orange curaçao

1/4 cup simple syrup (see below)

2 oranges, cut into half-wheels

2 peaches, cut into cubes

2 lemons, cut into half-wheels

Place all of the ingredients in a large glass or ceramic container and stir well. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Serve over ice in rocks glasses. Garnish with additional fruit if desired.

Simple Syrup
1 cup sugar

1 cup hot water

In a small bowl, glass, or empty, clean wine bottle, combine the sugar with the hot water and stir, or shake bottle, until completely dissolved. Let cool completely before using.

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