'Indiana Jones,' 'Changeling' Get Buzz in Cannes

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Angelina Jolie is drawing attention this week for her pregnancy and her latest movie, "Changeling," at the Cannes Film Festival, French television journalist Ulysse Gosset tells Liane Hanson.


Next we go to the Cannes Film Festival in France to speak with French TV journalist Ulysse Gosset. Hello.

Mr. ULYSSE GOSSET (French TV Personality): Hello. How are you?

HANSEN: Very well, thank you. You're a very busy man. Let me ask you about the big buzz that is coming from Cannes, and mainly because of the secrecy. It's the movie that has its world premiere, "Indiana Jones." Are you hearing anything about this movie?

Mr. GOSSET: Everybody's talking about that because it's a world premiere and we know that George Lucas, Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg are in town in one of the nicest hotel of the (unintelligible), you know, the boardwalk. And everybody's expecting, you know, a great movie. We will see. It is going to be really a great movie or just another episode. We will see tonight what's going to be the reaction of the public and all the members of the jury.

HANSEN: Are there other movies creating a lot of buzz.

Mr. GOSSET: There is one movie that everybody is really waiting to see. It's the last movie from Clint Eastwood with Angelina Jolie. It's called "Changeling." And, you know, a lot of people are thinking that it could be one of the - I mean, the winner, the Golden Palm, this year for many reasons. But one of them is that Sean Penn, the president of the jury, you know, likes very much Clint Eastwood.

And the other movie that is really important today, the movie with Catherine Duneuve, with a Christmas tale, "Un Conte de Noel," which has been made by a French moviemaker called Arnaud Desplechin. So the real competition for the Golden Palm between these two movies - the Clint Eastwood one and Catherine Duneuve.

HANSEN: Angelina Jolie is making headlines for more than just her appearance in the movies at Cannes.

Mr. GOSSET: Yes, of course, because of her twins. And, you know, it was the real scoop this week when she came to present one of the movie, you know, "The Magic Panda." But everybody was looking at her and she was, you know, in fact, giving the first pictures of her new state. And everybody's talking about her and Brad Pitt.

In fact, they are staying in an incredible chateau outside of Cannes in le Cap d'Antibe. And they only come, you know, when they have to on the red carpet. But when she's on the red carpet, I can tell you that everybody is there too and there's a lot of excitement.

HANSEN: French television journalist Ulysse Gosset at the Cannes Film Festival. Thank you very much.

Mr. GOSSET: Merci beaucoup.

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