HBO's 'Recount,' Recapping the 2000 Election

TV critic David Bianculli reviews the HBO TV movie Recount, a film about the controversial 2000 presidential election. The movie stars Kevin Spacey, Laura Dern and Tom Wilkinson.

HBO Movie Dramatizes 2000 Presidential Recount


Two of Recount's stars: Kevin Spacey and Denis Leary as Gore staffers Ron Klain and Michael Whouley Courtesy of HBO hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of HBO

Kevin Spacey and Denis Leary as Al Gore staffers Ron Klain and Michael Whouley, Tom Wilkinson as George W. Bush's strongman James Baker III, and Laura Dern as Florida's own electoral maven Katherine Harris, courtesy of Danny Strong, the writer of the new HBO movie, Recount.

Strong says his film lets the audience decide. "The truth is that we will never know who received the most votes in the state of Florida," he says.



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