A River Runs Through It

In this week's on-air challenge, you are given anagrams plus an extra letter that you must unscramble to name a river. For example, given "roil" plus E, the answer would be "Loire," the river in France.

Challenge from Last Week

Take the phrases "part time" and "time share"; they're both familiar phrases with "time" in them. And the adjoining words, "part" and "share," are synonyms. I'd like you to find phrases that work similarly with "child." " _____-child" and "child-______ ." The answers should be two familiar phrases. And the words that precede and follow "child " should be synonyms. What are they?

Answer: foster child and child care, wonder child and child prodigy, and foster child and child advocate

Winner: Ben Hochman of Knoxville, Tenn.

Next Week's Challenge

From Lou Scott Bretzke, of Barnhart, Mo.: Name a famous male movie star. Change the first letter of his first name to a G and change the last letter of his last name to a T. The result will be two words that are synonyms. Who is the movie star and what are the words?



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