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Pitfalls Persist for 'Audience of One' Pastor
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Pitfalls Persist for 'Audience of One' Pastor


Pitfalls Persist for 'Audience of One' Pastor

Pitfalls Persist for 'Audience of One' Pastor
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Pentecostal minister Richard Gazowsky has suffered trials and tribulations as he tries to make a movie. Recently he went to meet a potential investor at the corner of Hollywood and Vine. Was it a scam? The pastor holds out hope.


Last week on this show, we spoke to Pentecostal Pastor Richard Gazowsky, who's trying to make a sci-fi blockbuster movie out of the biblical story of Joseph. So far he's hundreds of millions of dollars short. At the end of our conversation, Pastor Gazowsky said that he'd been summoned to meet a potential investor at the corner of Hollywood and Vine the next day.

So we wanted to check in with him this week. Pastor Gazowsky joins us from his church, the Voice of Pentecost in San Francisco. Pastor, thanks for being back with us.

Reverend RICHARD GAZOWSKY (Voice of Pentecost Church): Oh, it's good to be with you.

SIMON: Now you said last week that a German man was supposed to meet you.

Rev. GAZOWSKY: That's right. So we went at 12:00 noon out to Hollywood and Vine and we waited there for 4.5 hours and nobody showed up.

SIMON: A practical question: Could you have just been on the wrong corner? The northeast corner rather than the southwest or something?

(Soundbite of laughter)

Rev. GAZOWSKY: Believe me, we checked. We checked about everybody walking by, 'cause I've never met the man though he's contacted me through e-mails. But I did get an e-mail from him yesterday.

SIMON: Oh? And?

Rev. GAZOWSKY: No explanation about the meeting. But to tell you the truth, Scott, he asked the most hardest to deal with question. And that is, how would you like for a director like Mel Gibson to shoot the film and us to find a Hollywood company to produce the film? And so that question is hanging over me, which I'm going to answer today.

SIMON: Pastor Gazowsky, I'm not an expert on this, okay, but I have been to a couple of county fairs. And I'm from Chicago, okay?

Rev. GAZOWSKY: Right.

SIMON: This guy sounds to me like a fraud. Anyone could send you e-mails and say, would you like Mel Gibson to direct?

Rev. GAZOWSKY: Yeah, right. It does. But actually, I don't believe he is. He actually has financed a lot of things. I know his reputation and...

SIMON: But I mean did you say, how come you weren't at the corner of Hollywood and Vine?

Rev. GAZOWSKY: No, no, because you don't bite the hand that might feed you, I guess is what you would - you know what I mean? It's not about...

SIMON: But this is a hand that didn't even show up.

Rev. GAZOWSKY: Yeah, that's true. But...

(Soundbite of telephone ringing)

SIMON: Maybe that's him on the other line right now, Pastor.

Rev. GAZOWSKY: Yeah, it could be.

(Soundbite of laughter)

SIMON: So you're satisfied that this man is legitimate, even though you don't know anything about him?

Rev. GAZOWSKY: I believe he's very serious. I hope he is.

SIMON: Well, what if you're just being played along by someone who is not this man?

Rev. GAZOWSKY: Scott, I could be played on, and I'm sure a lot of people have been played on. At the same time, we did stand on that corner for 4.5 hours. My family too. My kids were with me, you know. And what my answer to them was simply this, is that there's an invisible world of God, angels and whoever that's watching us. And they want to know if we're willing to stick it out.

SIMON: So it sounds like you haven't lost even a scintilla of faith that this can be done.

Rev. GAZOWSKY: No. No. Scott, I really do feel confident. Not arrogant, but confident.

SIMON: Pastor Richard Gazowsky from the Voice of Pentecost Church in San Francisco. Thanks very much.

Rev. GAZOWSKY: All right. God bless you now.

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