Listeners Find Meaning in Obama Win

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Listeners react to Sen. Barack Obama's historic pursuit of the U.S. presidency. They also chime in on the Obamas' decision to leave Trinity United Church of Christ in Chocago.


And now it's time for BackTalk where we lift the curtain on conversations happening on the Tell Me More blog and get a chance to hear from you. Lee Hill, our web producer is back and he joins me here in the studio. Hey, Lee, what's up?

LEE HILL: Hey Michel, well clearly the news of the week is Senator Barack Obama's historic accomplishment and we'll have comments on that in just a moment. But first, the Obamas ended their membership at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago just last weekend after a huge spotlight had been placed on the church for fiery sermons of Obama's former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and a sermon there from Chicago priest Father Michael Pfleger criticizing Hillary Clinton. Now we asked you for your thoughts about the Obama's leaving Trinity. Here's a message from Jan out in Orlando, Florida.

JAN (Caller): I think initially Senator Obama and his family had a church home that helped him define and mature his faith. As a believer and a potential voter, I think that it was very encouraging to me that he did not easily cut those ties. I feel for Senator Obama and his wife and family. I have this impression that this has really been hard for him. I hope that he finds a church home that is focused on the things which endure which would be the power of God's word.

MARTIN: Thank you Jan and just so you know we will air a Faith Matters conversation on this very topic next week. Now as Lee mentioned we asked you what you thought of Senator's Obama's historic campaign for the presidency. You called, you emailed. Here's Janice in the Detroit area.

JANICE (Caller): I am so elated, words can never express. I raised three black sons, and I never dreamed it was such a struggle. It encourages me, it encourages me to encourage my sons. No election that I've ever voted in, and I've voted in all of them, has ever meant so much.

HILL: And Michel, I am finding that whether or not folks agree with Obama's politics, they still acknowledge this as a pivotal time in American history and might I just note that Barack and Michelle Obama's highly photographed dap on stage in St. Paul, Minnesota at his victory rally is a huge topic of discussion also a fascination in the blogosphere.

MARTIN: And Lee, for our listeners who might not know what is dap?

HILL: Well that is when you bump fists, I guess you can say it's like a hand hug and you can see a photograph of the dap moment if you still don't get it, on our website.

MARTIN: And we're actually going to talk about this, I believe in the Barbershop coming up next. You can find this at to tell us more about what you think, of you can call our comment line at 202-842-3522, that's 202-842-3522, and please remember to give us your name. Thank you, Lee.

HILL: Thanks Michel, and can I get some dap please?

MARTIN: Here you go.

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