Assessing Black Leadership

Besides the issue of "passing the torch," there's also the question of how the black community judges its leadership.

Plus, is it a good idea to rely on a few people and a handful of organizations to represent a wide range of African-American interests?

For more, political analysts Ron Walters and Sherrilyn Ifill offer their insight.

Walters is a professor of government and politics at the University Of Maryland. Ifill is a civil rights lawyer and law professor at the University of Maryland School of Law.

Passing the Torch of Leadership


Are traditional civil rights leaders ready for a new generation to take the helm? How well do different generations work together in the African-American community?

For insight, Farai Chideya speaks with James Rucker and Charles Steele Jr.

Rucker is executive director and co-founder of the San Francisco based-organization, Color of Change. The group's projects have included Web-based organizing for protests around the Jena Six case.

Steele is national president and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a civil rights organization co-founded by Martin Luther King Jr.

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