Tripping the Light Acrostic

On-air challenge: This Friday, June 20, is the day of the year that has the most daylight. So, I have a game of categories using the word light. For each category that I give you, name something in that category starting with each of the letters L – I - G – H – T. For example, if the category were chemical elements, you might say: Lead, Iron, Gold, Helium and Tin.

Challenge from Last Week

A calculator displays a five-digit number. The first four digits are 8735. These digits form a logical sequence. What is the fifth number in the series?

Answer: 5 (each digit in the sequence is the number of line segments used to form the previous digit in a calculator display).

Winner: Jim McSherry, Erdenheim, Pa.

Next Week's Challenge

From Ed Pegg Jr., who runs the Web site, we have this puzzler: Rearrange the letters of ENGLISH TEA to name a famous person with a prominent mustache — first and last. Who is it?



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