Same-Sex Marriage: Why the First Day? Ultimately, lost sleep and press madness was worth it, the first in line concluded. The couples who rushed to marry the first day had a vast array of reasons.
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Same-Sex Marriage: Why the First Day?

Meet a dozen same-sex couples who rushed to marry in West Hollywood on the first day it was legally possible for them to do so. Jeremy and Claire Weiss hide caption

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Jeremy and Claire Weiss

On Monday at around 5 p.m., Tori Kuykendall arrived outside an auditorium in West Hollywood where the next day — for the first time — marriage certificates and ceremonies would be offered to same-sex couples.

She was startled to realize she was the first person there. She considered leaving for a moment and then opted to stay overnight while her partner, Kate Kuykendall, stayed home with their 5-month-old daughter. The next day, exhausted after the long wait, dozens of interviews and coy smiles for cameras, she would joke that choosing to be at the front of the line was not necessarily a wise idea.

When the ceremony was over, however, she said she was "proud to be the first."

Many couples stood in line for hours to get married Tuesday. So why not wait a day for the crowds to die down?

There were an array of reasons. But for most couples, they said it simply came down to the fact that they'd waited long enough.

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