Gay Marriage, Summer Jobs Get Listeners Talking

Listeners take on gay marriage and weigh in on what children should be doing during the summer.


And now it's time for BackTalk where we lift the curtain on conversations happening on the Tell Me More blog and get a chance to hear from you. Lee Hill our web producer joins me in the studio. Hey, Lee. What's up?

LEE HILL: Hey, Michel and welcome back. We missed you around these parts.

MARTIN: Why, thank you.

HILL: Well, last week. It was Barack Obama and this week, two words seemed to dominate the blogger's sphere, gay marriage. California became only the second state to allow gays to marry. And earlier this week in the program, you may have heard this.

Mr. STUART GAFNEY: Yes, it's only taken us 21 years to get to our wedding day.

(Soundbite of laughter)

Mr. GAFNEY: But I knew he was a wonderful man the moment I met him.

HILL: That was a conversation with Stuart Gafney (ph) and John Lewis. Now, they were among hundreds of couples in California rushing to say their vows. Taking full advantage of the new provisions. Well, Michel scores of our listeners wrote to us and called our comment line and our blog to speak their mind. Here's David.

DAVID (Caller): As a Presbyterian pastor in Virginia, I long for the time when we'll be able to celebrate such commitment and love here in a commonwealth that invites visitors under the slogan, Virginia is for Lovers. I hope that someday soon, no restrictions will apply to that invitation.

MARTIN: Well, thank you for that Pastor David. We should know that there were mixed opinions about what's happening out in California. Ross posted this note to our blog. He said, "the churches aren't telling gays not to go to their church just that they will not support something that they believed to be immoral with special ceremonies. A church should be able to decide what is right and wrong according to their beliefs and support or deny those decisions." That's Ross. And of course, you can go to our blog to read more of Ross' comment and to see what other folks are saying. Lee, what else?

HILL: And switching gears here. The Mocha Moms this week talked about different options for children during the summer, camping, summer jobs and even classes. Well, we asked our listeners to tell us their thoughts about children in summer. And Liz wrote in to say this, "yes, children should get jobs for the summer instead of going to camp. If children can make babies, then they can work. My point is that children whose bodies are at reproduction stage should be employed." Just wanted to share that one, Michel.

MARTIN: OK, Liz. Tell us how you really feel. Thank you, Lee.

HILL: Thank you, Michel.

MARTIN: You can find these at the Tell Me More Web page at Go there to tell us more about what you think or you can call our comment line at 202-842-3522. That's 202-842-3522 and please remember to give us your name, your real name we hope and blog it out.

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