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MATT MARTINEZ: Thank you, Mike. Gasoline prices rose another 10 cents over the last two weeks. The national average is now $4.10 for self-served regular unleaded, that's according to the Lundberg Survey of 7,000 gas stations nationwide. NPR's Trina Williams has more.

TRINA WILLIAMS: Survey author, Trilby Lundberg revealed some cities are fairing much better than others when it comes to paying for gas.

Mr. TRILBY LUNDBERG (Lundberg Survey): Los Angeles, the biggest market, is the highest price, $4.59 per gallon and at the other end, Tulsa, Oklahoma at $3.76. Oil-producing countries and some of the largest consuming nations met yesterday to talk about how to reverse the trend. Saudi Arabia pledged to increase oil production if it will help ease the market. So far the announcement has had little effect, oil prices are still moving higher. Some analysts say the announcement already had been factored into prices. Saudi Arabia's oil minister blames the surge on speculators. He says he can't predict how much oil prices are likely to reach this year. As for gas prices, Lundberg says they are up more than a dollar than they were at this time last year.

MARTINEZ: NPR's Trina Williams reporting. The flooded Midwest will soon get some relief. Forecaster say the Mississippi river is about to stop rising. The river started to crest yesterday along it's Iowa-Missouri border and it will start to return to normal levels after Wednesday. Food prices are expected to rise because of the flooding, though. Beef, pork, poultry, eggs, cheese, and milk are expected to get more expensive because livestock owners are going out of business. That and the rising prices of corn-based animal feed.

Eight hundred people are still missing from a capsized ferry in the Philippines. And rescuers have little hope of finding them. Only 33 people were found alive. The ferry was capsized during this weekend's typhoon, which have gust about to 120 mph. The storm washed away houses and roads, and forced tens of thousands to evacuate. Along with the hundreds feared dead on the ferry, and additional 155 people were killed by the storm.

Off to a little bit of entertainment news now, weekend movies Get Smart was number one at the talkies that made 39.2 million dollars. Kung fu Panda was number two, The Hulk number three. The movie-going public showed no love for the the Love Guru, there was love lost for Mike Myers. Hopefully someone told him that it is better to have loved and lost at the box office than to never to have loved at all. Love Guru made 14 million. That's the news for now, it's online all the time at


PESCA: So he was all out of love.

MARTINEZ: He was all out of love.

PESCA: Not good.

MARTIN: Love you, Matt.

MARTINEZ: Love you, too.

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