Categorically Fun

On-Air Challenge

You are given two things from the same category. Name a third thing that's in the same category and falls between the two things alphabetically. For example, given Psycho and Rebecca, the answer would be Rear Window, because all three are Hitchcock films.

Challenge From Last Week

A man buys 20 pencils for 20 cents and gets three kinds of pencils in return. Some of the pencils cost 4 cents each, some are two for a penny and the rest are four for a penny. How many pencils of each type does the man get?

Answer: Three pencils at 4 cents each, 15 pencils at two for a penny, and two pencils at four for a penny.

Winner: Sandy Resnick of Minneapolis.

Next Week's Challenge

Take the word "contaminated." Rearrange the 12 letters to get a two-word phrase for a familiar sign.