NPR logo Poll Overview: A Tale Of Two Swing States

Poll Overview: A Tale Of Two Swing States

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Read the full results of the poll by NPR, the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health:

Half of Floridians are experiencing three or more serious problems resulting from the changing economy, according to a new poll by NPR, the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health.

Four in 10 Ohioans are facing three or more serious problems, the poll shows.

Paying for gas, finding a good-paying job, housing problems and paying for health care are major components of peoples' concerns in these two states, chosen because they will be critical in this fall's national elections.

As has been seen nationwide, the costs of health care and insurance are a large part of pocketbook concerns. Many people in Ohio and Florida report having trouble paying medical bills, often with serious consequences.

In a series of reports, NPR is using the findings of the poll to get inside the "black box" of what people mean when they say the economy is bad.

We found that many families are struggling to get by. While about half of adults in Ohio and Florida say the state of their own personal finances is excellent or good, about half say it is not so good, or poor.

And many say their financial situation is deteriorating. About four in 10 in each state say their personal finances are worse now than they were last year.

No. 1 on the list of serious problems: paying for gas. In Florida, 55 percent of those surveyed say it's a problem; in Ohio, 48 percent do

Getting a good-paying job or a pay raise comes next, with 34 percent in Ohio and 39 percent in Florida reporting it as a serious problem. About one in five in each state says that they or someone in their household has lost a job in the past year.

Health care costs are also high on the list. In Ohio, 28 percent say they have serious problems paying for health care and insurance; 32 percent say it's a problem in Florida.

The full poll results offer an in-depth look at the impact of medical bills. Fourteen percent of Ohioans and 17 percent of Floridians say they used up all or most of their savings in the past year to pay medical bills.

Health care debt was cited more frequently as the reason people were contacted by a collection agency — more frequently than credit card and other kinds of debt.

The poll was conducted in late May and early June. Full details are available by clicking the links at left.