Stages of Grief For The 'BPP': Depression

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We've been doing these "Best Song in the World Five Stages of Grief" things all week, and I drew stage four: depression. It should have been easy; there are plenty of sad songs out there. Problem is, there are plenty of sad songs out there — too many to choose from.

The thing about being depressed is that even good things feel bad. I have this feeling that my experience of the world over the next few months is going to go something like this: 1) See something good, 2) think "can't wait to tell everybody about this," and 3) realize that the "everybody" I'm thinking of has been broken up.

So I took my last Best Song as my last chance to be happy about finding something good for a while. Which makes me sad. That's the way this depression thing goes.

Do take a listen though. It's "Bad Girl Pt. 2" by Lee Moses.



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