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Trappers Cabin: 'Cosmically'

Trappers Cabin: 'Cosmically'


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Trappers Cabin's Joel Nettesheim.

Trappers Cabin, the musical project of Georgia's Joel Nettesheim, makes some of the most interestingly odd and unclassifiable music around. On Trappers Cabin's latest record, Trappers Mind, Nettesheim blends art-rock, freak-folk, psychedelia and space-rock, and throws in plenty of surprises. From song to song, the sound twists and turns, and the result is an eclectic mix of music tied together by its collective goofiness.

The record opens with an eerie, spoken-word intro, set to a spacey lead guitar and ambient electronic drones. Strangely enough, the track is reminiscent of the beginning of OutKast's Stankonia, but by the end, Nettesheim engages in a folky Americana rap.

Then there's the fractured nursery rhyme, "Puppy Piglets." From the song's sweet but twisted words, it's hard to tell if the audience is meant to smile or grimace: "I had a dog that had sex with a hog / and now I've got pretty puppy piglets."

The most easily accessible song on the record, "Cosmically" features twangy alt-country vocals and simple acoustic guitar, with the theme of cosmic love echoed in the song's dreamy, layered harmonies.

Trappers Mind is Trappers Cabin's ninth album. Nettesheim says the record is tied together in its goofiness, which he attributes to his love for Beck, Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. "I've realized that I had just so many of those types of songs laying around that I would kind of put them together in one album," Nettesheim says. "I think overall, my older albums people may relate to more, or even enjoy listening to more, but I think this latest album definitely represents me the best — or at least me right now."

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Nettesheim is currently working on the next Trappers Cabin record, which he says will be "old man on his porch" acoustic songs.

Trappers Cabin was featured on Second Stage last year, and Trappers Cabin made it into our list of the Top 10 Great Unknown Artists of 2007.

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