A Turn Of Phrase

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On-Air Challenge

In the on-air puzzle, you must complete a familiar three-word phrase that takes the form "blank of blank." You are given the first word and must guess the last. The answer begins with the letter A. For example, given "law," the answer is "averages," as in "law of averages."

Challenge From Last Week

Think of a familiar brand name ending in the letters G-S. Change the G-S to an O, and you'll get the brand name of a different product. What is it?

Answer: Leggs/Lego

Winner: Peter Appel, Athens, Ga.

Next Week's Challenge

From listener Tom Denk of Ann Arbor, Mich.: Take the two-letter postal abbreviations for three U.S. states. Add the letter A. Then add the two-letter postal abbreviations from three more states. You'll have 13 letters in all. Reading from left to right, you'll get a familiar three-word phrase that's seen on many products. (Hint: The three words in the answer phrase have four, two and seven letters respectively.) What's the phrase?



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