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Profile: American Future Fund

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A new conservative advocacy organization, the American Future Fund launched its first effort in March 2008 with a television ad supporting Minnesota Republican Sen. Norm Coleman, who faces a competitive race this year.

American Future Fund advocates free-market policies. It supports an energy agenda that includes drilling offshore and in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge; more oil exploration and refineries; and the development of nuclear and alternative sources of energy.

The organization is led by professionals who worked for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's failed 2008 bid for the Republican presidential nomination, among other efforts. Since the positive Coleman ad, other American Future Fund ads have portrayed Democratic politicians negatively.

The group plans to continue focusing on Senate races. It is a 501(c)(4) and has an affiliated political action committee called American Future Fund Political Action.

Funders: unknown

Leadership: Nicole Schlinger, Tim Albrecht, Lisa Lisker, Jan Van Lohuizen, Ed Tobin, Ben Ginsberg, Larry McCarthy, Phil Musser. Read more about these leaders in The Secret Money Project's Who's Who Directory of Key Leaders of Independent Groups.

Will Evans is a reporter for the Center for Investigative Reporting, NPR's partner for the Secret Money Project.