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Profile: National Education Association

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Representing 3.2 million employees of schools and educational institutions, the National Education Association calls itself the largest professional employee organization in the country.

It has plans for the biggest political mobilization in its history this year, spending tens of millions of dollars on the presidential and congressional races.

The union — which endorsed Democratic Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for president — also gives to liberal advocacy groups and Democratic Party organizations including: the Democratic Governors Association ($727,000 in 2006 and $200,000 from 2007-08); Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee ($335,000 from 2006-07); People for the American Way ($275,000 from 2006-07); Ballot Initiative Strategy Center ($227,000 from 2006-07); ACORN ($200,000 in 2006); America Votes ($150,000 in 2007); Economic Policy Institute ($150,000 in 2006) and USAction ($100,000 in 2006).

This year, the NEA also gave $250,000 to Evergreen Progress, a group running ads against the Republican candidate for governor of Washington.

Funders: union membership

Leadership: John Stocks, Reginald Weaver, Lily Eskelsen, Karen White, Dennis Van Roekel. Read more about these leaders in the Secret Money Project's Who's Who Directory of Key Leaders of Independent Groups.

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