Election 2008: Voting Groups

Palin Signifying Gains In Women's Political Power?

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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin stepped into the national spotlight late last month as Sen. John McCain's running mate.

The proclaimed "pit bull in lipstick" has since set off a spirited round of chatter. What does her nomination mean for female progress in politics?

Palin is anti-abortion, a long-time member of the National Rifle Association, and a supporter of teaching creationism in schools. But is she the new face of feminism?

For more, Farai Chideya speaks with Dee Dee Myers and Amy Holmes.

Myers, a former press secretary in the Clinton administration, is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and author of Why Women Should Rule the World. Holmes, a Republican strategist, is political contributor to CNN and a former senior speechwriter for Sen. Bill Frist.



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