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Host Commentaries, Hurricanes Get Audience Reaction

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Host Commentaries, Hurricanes Get Audience Reaction

Host Commentaries, Hurricanes Get Audience Reaction

Host Commentaries, Hurricanes Get Audience Reaction

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Bloggers weigh in on two of Host Michel Martin's recent commentaries in which she shared a critical perspective of both Democrats and Republicans. Also, Haydee, a Houston listener affected by Hurricane Ike tells how her family is surviving in the storm's aftermath.


And now it's time for Backtalk where we lift the curtain on what's happening in the Tell Me more blogosphere and get to hear from you, our listeners. Lee Hill, our digital media guy is here with me. Hey, Lee.

LEE HILL: Hey, Michel. Now the staff is always telling you how much we dig your commentaries.

MARTIN: Why thank you.

HILL: Judging by the feedback we've been getting, so do the listeners. Now we started the week with your thoughts about this latest tag some members of the GOP give Obama and what that might say to kids of color striving for achievement. Let's take a listen.

MARTIN: Criticize Obama's politics if you want. Say he's too liberal, his ideas won't work, he's too young, but spare me the elitist rap. The kids in my neighborhood are listening and I want for them what I, Obama and Giuliani and John McCain and the crew already have. An education.

HILL: And here's what Louise had to say. I'm the mother of a bi-racial young man whom I raised alone and I was also a community organizer and activist. We started out quite poor but I got us both through college. We are now both professionals and doing well. I see much to identity with and have felt some sense of hope and affirmation in watching Barack Obama over the last few months.

MARTIN: Thank you, Louise. Lee, anything else?

HILL: Yes Michel. The next day followed up with another commentary. This time taking on the Democrat's reaction to Sarah Palin. Let's take a listen.

MARTIN: Rather than take her ideology seriously, her record seriously, her obvious gifts as a politician seriously, they see a girl and a mommy to boot, so how can they possibly get tough about her ideas about governments, her experience, or ask whether her politics are actually in step with mainstream Americans? Lee, not everybody agreed with me which is a good thing I think. Here's a note from Sonya. She's from Alaska. She thinks Republicans are the ones really looking down on Palin. She writes, had she been male she would not have even been in contention for this slot because she would have lacked the necessary credentials to compete. So who's being sexist? Democrats who seek to know the truth about this little known person or Republicans who are seeking to hide that she falls dramatically short in experience.

Thank you, Sonya. Lee, this week we also covered the recent hurricanes that ravished the Gulf Coast and parts of the Caribbean. We received a note from Heidi who is in Houston where Hurricane Ike struck and Heidi is joining us now. Hello Heidi, how are you?

HEIDI (Listener): Hello, I'm doing pretty well.

MARTIN: Now I know you've been without power since the storm. You still don't have power?

HEIDI: Still don't have power and as a matter of fact, the prediction for us to come back online is after Monday the 22nd.

MARTIN: Now I know you have a six year old and I'm thinking about laundry, I'm thinking about making food and all that. How are you handling all of that?

HEIDI: It's pretty tough. The laundry is definitely piling up. We're running low. It's hard to keep a six-year-old entertained without power. He doesn't do too much of TV watching but you know the home work becomes an issue. We need flash lights for everything and it's been pretty tough actually.

MARTIN: You sound a little tired I have to tell you. Are you squeezing in any naps in there because you don't have lights?

HEIDI: Yeah actually we went to bed pretty early. That's been the evening event, is you know right after we get something to eat we just kind of head to bed.

MARTIN: Well we sure appreciate you writing to us. I know you said in your post to the blog that you recognize that it could have been worse but we sure do appreciate you checking in and good luck, good luck with all that.

HEIDI: Sure, thank you so much.

HILL: Thanks, Heidi.

HEIDI: All right.

MARTIN: Thank you, Lee.

HILL: Thank you, Michel.

MARTIN: Remember to tell us more about what's happening in your world. Call our comment line at 202 842 3522 or you can go to the Tell Me More page at and blog it out.

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