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Making Dual-Chip Processors Sound Hot and Cool

Ice Cream

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Wednesday's Pick

  • Song: "Ice Cream"
  • Artist: New Young Pony Club
  • CD: New Young Pony Club EP
  • Genre: Dance-Pop

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Anyone who can make Intel sound soft and sexy probably deserves a wider audience. On its infectious anthem "Ice Cream," the London quintet New Young Pony Club travels from dance floors to TV commercials and back, winning fans while reinforcing the widely held belief that dual-chip processors are hot enough to make ice cream melt.

To break it down, "Ice Cream" is about 1) ice cream; 2) sex; and 3) ice cream and sex. The band takes the playful innocence of a simple scoop of ice cream on a cone and turns it into, well, something playful, if not so innocent. "I can give you what you want / I can make your heart beat short / I can make you ice cream / We could be a sweet team / Melting in your vice dreams, sport." Not exactly the stuff of poetry recitals, but when the song's this catchy, that's forgivable.

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