Democrat Doggett On Saying No To Bailout Bill

The House of Representatives rejected the $700 billion bailout plan Monday. Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) was one of 228 congressmen who voted against the plan.

"I listened to my constituents and to my own thinking that now is not the time to call on people across the country to bail out Wall Street," he told Madeleine Brand shortly after the vote. "I thought this was very much like the Iraq War, like the Patriot Act, like several other things in Congress that had been fueled by fear and hinged on haste. This was really one idea about how to address this problem to the exclusion of all others."

He said he felt a "sense of urgency to act," but he felt frustrated by hearing "our ideas for alternatives rejected."

He offers his suggestions for what Congress could do today to help solve the problem.

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