Bailout, Spanking Get Bloggers Talking

The Tell Me More audience has lots to say about the current financial crisis and a recent conversation about whether it's right or wrong to spank a child.

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And now it's time for BackTalk where we lift the curtain on what's happening in the Tell M e More blogosphere and get a chance to hear from you, our listeners. Lee Hill, our digital media guy is here with me. Hey, Lee what's up.

LEE HILL: Hey Michel, what's up? That is the $700 billion question. Monday the House defeated the president's mega bailout plan for the financial crisis triggering the biggest one day Dow point drop in history. And after Monday's House vote, we talked to two congressmen, Gregory Meeks of New York, he supported the bailout and Robert or Bobby Scott of Virginia who voted against it. Now listeners can find Scott's official statement also on our website. Well, we heard from blogger Ray who agreed with Scott's initial vote on the bailout plan but let's listen to Ray make his case.

RAY (Caller): Consider this, if you are holding these assets and can possibly get 20 to 40 cents on the dollar but the treasury secretary is whispering to you that a bailout is coming, and that you can possibly get 80 cents, would you sell? No, you would wait. That is why things are frozen, you want to unfreeze the market? Tell them no bailout, then the market will drop, do doubt. People will start to dump the toxic loans, lots will go bankrupt and then the government can come in and play its role in bankruptcy court.

MARTIN: Thank you, Ray. Of course we need to mention that the House is scheduled to vote again today, we'll tell you happened. Lee, don't want to get too personal but were you spanked as a child?

HILL: Yes, I was, and think I turned out OK except for when I'm not OK.

(Soundbite of laughter)

MARTIN: Yeah, Lee Hill. Have to sort that out, won't we? Well, we took up the subject of spanking and the line between discipline and child abuse in this week's Mocha Moms, here's a clip.

Ms. JOLENE IVEY (Mocha Mom Regular): The first thing you have to have and if somebody is going to spank a child is you have to love that child. You have to love that kid a lot in order for this to even be an effective measure. I've got five boys and four of them have had at least one spanking.

MARTIN: That was Mocha Moms co-founder Jolene Ivey, a Mocha Moms regular. She mentioned that she has spanked on occasion. On our website this is still generating quite a bit of discussion on both sides of the argument. And I have to say I was little surprised, I mean, I was gratified because I was hoping that people would weigh in, but I was, the reaction was immediate and it's still going on like, here's blogger Adriana.

ADRIANA (Blogger): I was spanked as a child, and I need the conscious decision not to use spanking or corporal punishment with my own son. My father is Mexican-American and my mother is Mexican and Puerto Rican American, and my mother has said in retrospect, it's just what we do. That's we grew up knowing what to do. So I found that this is particularly interesting especially with the variety of guests and opinions on the topic.

HILL: Thanks, Adriana. And Michel, you're right there's a lot of opinion on that. The comments are still coming in. Finally, this week, we talked about a study that many could find troubling. According to a survey conducted by Yahoo News and the Associated Press, 40 percent of whites holds some negative feelings against blacks. Now this poll comes just weeks before historic presidential election with a black candidate in a close race for the White House, and some of our listeners want to hear more about how to understand and overcome differences across racial lines. Now Michel, we received an interesting note from Amanda who is white. She writes, can you offer more interviews of people who've changed their opinions and why?

MICHEL: Thank you, Amanda. You know, that is an interesting question. It's certainly something we're going to give some thought too. And remember with Tell me More the thinking and the conversation never ends. You can catch up on all our coverage and tell us more about what's happening in your world by calling our comment line at 202-842-3522. That number again is 202-842-3522 or you can go to the Tell Me More page at and blog it out. Thanks, Lee.

HILL: Thank you Michel.

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