Now That's A Capital Idea


On-Air Challenge

You are given a word. Drop two letters so that the remaining letters, in order, spell the name of a world capital. For example, given "backup," the answer would be "Baku," the capital of Azerbaijan.

Challenge From Last Week

From Scott Weiss of Walkertown, Md.: Name the sixth thing in a well-known series. Change its third letter to the next letter of the alphabet. Then rearrange all the letters, and you'll get the seventh thing in the series. What names are these?

Answer: Saturn, Uranus

Winner: Nate Hetrick of Madison, Wis.

Next Week's Challenge

Name a famous actress with four letters in her first name and five letters in her last name. Drop the last letter of her first name and the last two letters of her last name. The remaining letters, in order, will name a well-known world capital. Who is the actress and what is the capital?



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