NPR logo Syria Accuses U.S. Of Attack Near Iraqi Border


Syria Accuses U.S. Of Attack Near Iraqi Border

There are conflicting reports over an alleged U.S. military strike in Syria near the Iraqi border. Syria's government-run news agency says U.S. helicopters struck a Syrian village on Sunday, leading to casualties. So far, the U.S. military in Iraq has not commented on the report.

Wire services in Damascus report that Syria's foreign ministry has summoned the U.S. and Iraqi representatives in the country to protest the alleged U.S. military raid in eastern Syria.

The Syrian news media said earlier that four American helicopters attacked a farm about five miles inside the Syrian border, striking a building that was under construction.

Earlier in the day, sources at Iraq's interior ministry in Baghdad reported a similar attack, but said it was within Iraqi territory.

Reports of the conflict came in an area that U.S. military officials have said is an uncontrolled entry point for extremist fighters entering Iraq through Syria.