Election 2008

Voter Voices: Florida

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With the election just days away, we sent our correspondents out to gather the opinions of voters in Virginia, New Mexico and Florida. Early voters in Miami share their thoughts in the days running up to the election.


Weekend Edition sent our reporters out to gather the opinions of voters in Florida, Virginia, and New Mexico. We'll share their thoughts with you throughout the program. We begin with NPR's Greg Allen. He spoke with citizens in Miami who voted early. Starting with Jesus Moriel(ph).

Mr. JESUS MORIEL: I voted for Obama because I wanted change. That's it. That's about it.

GREG ALLEN: What's the most important issue there on change? What do you want to have changed?

Mr. MORIEL: Well, we've been for the last eight years with Bush, and all his policies failed miserably. We got in a war, and possibly going to go to war with Iran again if we go with McCain.

Ms. ODANA OLANCO(ph): My name is Odana Olanco, and I vote for McCain.

ALLEN: And why?

Ms. OLANCO: Because I think Obama is, like, more communist than McCain, you know. That's the reason.

ALLEN: And were there any particular issues that you're worried - things that you're worried about?

Ms. OLANCO: Well, you know, the most important is the economy. But you know, both of them - any that is elected has to work around to see how they're going to change this country.

STEWART: We'll have more reports coming up. You'll find complete election coverage Tuesday night on our Web site, npr.org. And today you'll find a video of Scott Simon showing off our election newsroom. That's at npr.org/soapbox.

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