Tone-Deaf Stars Thrive With Pitch Correction Software

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The digital revolution has given new meaning to the phrase "fix it in the mix," which formerly meant that little pops and glitches could be glossed over or repaired after a recording was finished. Nowadays, using powerful "plug-in" software like Melodyne, tone-deaf, no-talent howlers can have their pain-inducing vocals corrected with a couple of clicks and drags of the old mouse.

The curious thing is, modern-day record producers don't mind turning the dial to eleven when modifying a performance, resulting in half-human, half-robotic sounding vocals. David Was takes us through a tour of the true-vocal correction addicts (Britney Spears, T-Pain, Lil' Wayne, among others) and experiments with what he sounds like with the help of an ol' box of bolts.



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